Piggy Riches

Piggy Riches combines piggy action with big wins. It can easily conjure up images of bourgeois braggarts, and it's done so in a fun way. There's a spirit to this game as the pigs roar and the winning coins rattle into the till. It's a brilliantly fun and entertaining game that will bring plenty of moments of joy to the serious casino player. This kind of light-hearted game is a great break from the gambling wrinkles we all get into from time to time. Gambling should be fun and this NetEnt slot is just that. For us, too, the exhilarating gaming experience prompted us to write a comprehensive article on this entertainment package to get our readers in on the fun.

Slots in online casinos are challenging for slot machine manufacturers. They may seem easy to make, but we can assure you that creating a good slot machine is an extremely challenging task. It requires success in theme, game structure, payouts and graphics. Everything has to work together smoothly and if any part fails, the result is a failed game that no one will play. That's why these games are reviewed, so that our readers don't waste their money on casino games that don't offer a good gaming experience with a hatchet.piggy riches

The casino is a messy place to be

Piggy Riches is like a comedy movie, with rich pigs gambling with their money. The satirical approach works and there's self-deprecation in there. After all, you go to an online casino to win money, so the game is about players through comedy. When a good slot machine comes along, it grabs you from the first spin. Casinos - Delivery was in this grip right from the start. We're still at it, trying to get this review done, even as the game grunts invitingly next door.

When you have such a great theme for a game like this, it makes playing fun and that's the point of an online casino. It's about having a good time, forgetting your everyday worries and freeing your mind from the pressures of everyday life. With the pigs on the field, those worries disappear and the winnings from the game keep your mind clear even after a game. Now we're off to see how this game is properly constructed and what features it has in addition to the oxen-rich piglets.

Piggy Riches Basic Game

Piggy Riches is very familiar as a base game. It has a five reel, three row field where the symbols in the game spin. With 15 winning combinations and a wide range of betting options, there are plenty of opportunities for different sized bankrolls. So this game is suitable for every player's budget, and the fun doesn't decrease a bit with a lower stake.

  • 5 reels and three rows
  • 15 paylines
  • Bet levels: €0.25 - €75
  • Payback percentage 96.4%
  • Main prize €75 000
  • Wild symbols
  • Scatters
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game

The symbols in the game include the familiar high cards in the deck and of course piggy banks and other pigs. The money also flashes as the game progresses, with wilds substituting for all symbols. Scatters are also present and award free spins. You can get up to A whopping 100 free spinswhich is one of the highest amounts we've seen during the base game.

Additional features

There aren't really any extra features in the form of a bonus game, but the free spins awarded by the scatters completely make up for its absence. Even 100 spins is a staggering number and will fill up your bankroll in a big way. This game is yet another proof of the power of a simple slot machine. When you strip away the extra frills, you're still left with a great game if the foundation is well done.

For us, these simple games are always close to our hearts, because as someone who has had our first taste of market fruit machines, we don't need the extra hassle. The best games are just like Piggy Riches a fun and sarcastic slot machinethat takes you to another place and time. Even if you don't win, you still feel good about the game, and that says a lot about the quality of the game. Decent casino games will always put you in a good mood, and the money doesn't matter every time. Of course, when you're with the rich bastards, you want the money and the big wins, and that's what this game gives you.piggy riches

Mobile game

Mobile casinos have captured the hearts of players over the last couple of years. Some online casinos have reported that up to more than half of their slot rounds are played on a mobile casino. For this reason, slot machines also need to be mobile versions and Piggy Riches offers a great opportunity for mobile gaming. It looks even more stunning in places on a smartphone screen, and the spirit of the game is not lost even when playing in a dentist's lobby.

We South Africans always carry our smartphones with us everywhere we go, and that's why we play a lot on mobile. All our casinos are great as mobile casinos and this game is one of them. So you can go and get yourself one of these mobile games. the biggest casino bonuses and start your day by snacking on a great slot machine. The best gaming moments and successes usually come out of the blue and many people have picked up some great wins while out shopping. Try it for yourself, and you'll find that an empty moment can quickly become an interesting one when you spin a few rounds of Piggy Riches slot machine.


Piggy Riches is one of our all-time favourites. This game has given us so many moments of joy and great wins that it deserves a place in our gallery of honour. We're getting to the end of our review and can get back to the chic, so let's recap what we've found about this game. In particular new casinos offer good bonuses. They allow you to pick up a decent bankroll and use it to play this game. That's a good guideline and marching order on how to start playing by taking advantage of casino bonuses.

Now that we've found an absolutely fantastic game for the reader to play, go and check out what we have on offer right now. All of our casinos have NetEnt games, so this game is also available to play at them. You take the best welcome bonus for yourself and go away from it all. Don't forget about our special offers, because for some casinos we are able to give away free play money with no deposit, and that's something our readers will surely enjoy.