Crypto casinos vs traditional casinos 2023

Today, there are already hundreds of different casinos on the market that serve South African players traditionally as well as by offering cryptocurrencies. In recent years, the popularity of cryptocurrencies in particular has been growing and more and more players are interested in playing with cryptos, so they want to know what the differences are between crypto casinos and traditional casinos. Read more about crypto casinos vs traditional casinos.

In this article, we look at what crypto casinos are like and how they compare to traditional casinos in terms of how they operate. After reading this article, you should know what the gaming experience is like when playing with cryptocurrency and whether it is better than in a traditional casino.

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Crypto casinos vs traditional casinos 2023

Licenses, casino games and bonuses

Cryptocurrencies and traditional casinos casinos always work in the same basic way: you join a casino and make a deposit so that players can start playing for real money.

However, there are some differences. Traditional casinos may have a wide range of licenses available, including EEA licenses (Maltese, Estonian and Swedish) and non-EEA licenses such as Curacao licenses and UK or Gibraltar licenses.

However, crypto casinos typically operate under a Curacao licence or other non-EEA licence.

However, the casino games between crypto casinos and traditional casinos are similar. You can play slots, fruit machines, table games, live games and more, whether you play at a crypto casino or a traditional site. The main difference in the game selection is that some crypto casinos offer players separate crypto games.

As far as bonuses are concerned, players can claim casino bonuses at at both crypto casinos and traditional sites. There are hardly any clear differences between crypto casinos and traditional casinos when it comes to bonuses.

Crypto casinos vs traditional casinos: Payment methods

Of course, one of the biggest differences comes down to payment methods. As you might guess, cryptocurrencies are available for deposit at cryptocurrency casinos, where they are not at traditional casinos.

However, many cryptocurrency casinos operate as what is known as a hybrid casino, meaning that they offer players not only cryptocurrencies but also traditional payment methods. Such hybrid casinos are an excellent option, especially for players who want to be able to pay with both cryptos and credit cards or online wallets.

There are differences in the speed of payments during the withdrawal process: cryptocurrencies allow you to get money into your account in minutes, whereas credit card withdrawals and bank transfers, for example, can take several days.

It's also worth noting that when playing with cryptocurrencies, you need to own a cryptocurrency in advance.

This is how you buy cryptocurrencies and use them in an online casino:

  1. Join a marketplace selling cryptocurrencies
  2. Buy the crypto of your choice with your own fiat currency.
  3. Deposit the cryptos in your own crypto wallet.
  4. When depositing at the casino, select the crypto amount you want to deposit and enter the crypto key
  5. Make a deposit and the money will be transferred to your account instantly

Joining the casino

There are two ways to join a casino: either by filling in a traditional registration form or by authenticating with your bank details.

Cryptocurrency casinos in particular typically offer traditional registration, where players fill in a registration form with information such as name, address, email, phone number and other details.

Instant Casinos on the other hand, allow players to quickly sign up by authenticating themselves with their own bank details. For many players, instant play is a more pleasant way to start, as it offers a generally smoother and more fluid gaming experience.

Cryptocurrency vs traditional casinos: security

Whenever you are comparing casinos, you should be careful about the security of the casinos. The very first thing players should do is check the casino's license, which already tells you a lot about whether it is a safe casino or not.

Casinos with an ETA licence and casinos licensed in Curacao, the UK and Gibraltar are mostly safe, but if the casino is licensed in Costa Rica or Kahnawake, you should head to another casino.

When playing at cryptocurrency casinos, it is worth being careful about security, especially if the casino only offers cryptocurrencies and does not have one of the above licences.

Choose the best crypto casinos and traditional casinos with us

As mentioned, there are a huge number of online casinos on the market that are suitable for South African players, and more are on the way. With all the excellent sites out there, it can be difficult to find the best casino, as there are so many good options that there is a shortage of choice.

It's worth starting your casino comparison with us, because we've done the hard work for you. On our site, we've listed the best casinos serving South African players and carefully reviewed them to make it as easy as possible for players to choose a good casino and join.

In our reviews, we go through the important things for players, such as bonuses, payment methods, licensing, game selection and other features: choose the right casino and start playing with bonuses, free or real money and enjoy an entertaining gaming experience.

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Cryptocurrencies vs traditional casinos 2023