Non sticky bonus

Online casinos are full of different bonuses, which is great for players. These bonuses allow players to explore the casino with bonus money, and they entice players to join and play more at the casino. However, there are many different types of bonuses, and one of them is the non sticky bonus. Before claiming a bonus, it is important to know what kind of bonus it is.

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What is a non sticky bonus (or forfeitable bonus)?

Non sticky bonus is also known as forfeitable bonus. There is no direct English translation for this type of bonus, but it can also be referred to as a "forfeitable bonus." In practice, this is exactly what a non sticky bonus means, i.e. a forfeitable bonus.

When you join an online casino and make a deposit, you can get yourself casino bonuses. The bonus terms and conditions will state whether it is a sticky bonus or a non sticky bonus. Non sticky bonus means that you start playing with your own money first and only then with the bonus money. So you could say that a non sticky bonus is like a second chance for the player.

As long as you have not yet played with the bonus money, the bonus can be given up and you can withdraw any winnings you have won while playing with your own money immediately. Best of all, in this situation you don't have to worry about wagering requirements.

However, if you have already started playing with the bonus, you will need to meet the wagering requirements attached to the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings.

The bonus to be surrendered usually only applies to bonus money and for example free spins are not transferable.No Sticky Bonus

How do I cash out the bonus?

Forfeitable bonuses are redeemed in the same way as regular sticky bonuses. Here's how to claim your forfeitale bonus:

  • Make the minimum deposit required for the casino
  • Enter the bonus code, if any.
  • The bonus will be added to your account

The minimum deposit can be in the range of €10-20 or in some cases more. In general, a bonus code is not required to claim the bonus, but it is always worth checking the bonus offer. Once you have made a deposit, the bonus is immediately added to your account and you can start playing.

How is the non sticky bonus released?

It is very easy to claim the bonus. All you have to do is contact the casino's customer service and tell them that you want to release the bonus. The bonus will be removed from your account and you can then withdraw any winnings you win with your own money.

Please note that if you have already started playing with the bonus, you can surrender the bonus, but you will lose any winnings you have made with it. So at that point you should play through the bonus and wager it: you never know if you'll take some winnings with you.

If you are not sure how a forfeitable bonus works, you should contact the casino's customer service.Non Sticky Bonuses

Where to find the best non sticky bonus?

Since a sticky bonus can be quite expensive for a casino, they are usually found at reputable and older online casinos. For example new online casinos offer forfeitable bonuses much less frequently.

If you want to find a sticky bonus, you should compare casinos by reading casino reviews. For example, by reading our casino reviews you can find out which sites may have a forfeitable bonus.

Please note that information about the forfeitable bonus can be found in the casino's bonus rules. It is not always directly stated in the bonus offer whether it is a regular sticky bonus or a forfeitable bonus. It is therefore worth reading the bonus terms and conditions carefully before claiming the bonus.

Non sticky bonus vs. sticky bonus

In the main, casino bonuses are either sticky bonuses or bonuses that can be given away. The most common bonus is a sticky bonus, which means that players must wager the bonus before they can claim the winnings from the bonus. A sticky bonus can also be surrendered at any time if you wish, but all winnings from the bonus will be forfeited.

Forfeitable bonuses are always a better option for the player because the player plays with their own money first and only later with the bonus money. This gives the player a second chance if they don't win anything with their own money. However, if you happen to hit a jackpot while playing with your own money, you can surrender the bonus and claim your winnings immediately.

A regular sticky bonus is often a more advantageous option for the casino, as players often have to meet tough wagering requirements before they can cash in their winnings. When the wagering requirement is high, the player is less likely to cash out a lot of winnings. Therefore, the casino can safely offer bonus money to players without losing too much in the process.

If you have the choice between a forfeitable bonus and a sticky bonus, you should choose the first option, i.e. a forfeitable bonus.