Free spins

Free spins are everywhere and their number has really increased in recent years. Whereas in the past we used to get a few spins to try out a casino, now there are up to hundreds to play. In fact, it is one of the most popular forms of bonuses at online casinos and is used to attract new customers and introduce new slot machines. For us, these spins represent one part of the online casino culture that has become welded into the gaming experience. We have been following the market for a long time and are pleased to see the evolution of this bonus model.

Nowadays, instead of just giving out basic spins, some online casinos give out real spins, or free spins. These are a direct result of fierce competition and we'll get to that in a moment. Many players take the attitude that they are just minimum bet spins, and the amount of money they bring is not large. This is where you are going wrong, as all spins pay out in the same proportion and free play money is always free play money. We certainly don't look down on any small casino bonus, as it's all for home.

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Casino bonuses evolution

We have covered casino developments on these pages on several occasions and this has also had an impact on free spins. This familiar form of bonus has evolved a lot and has taken on new forms. The best casinos always offer free spins with no deposit and even no wagering requirement. These are especially evident in new casino promotions, when they are punching old players in the throat. When one goes for a new bonus model, competitors often follow suit and the inevitable result is an improvement in the position of players.

The overall effect is surprisingly large when casinos offer free spins without a wagering requirement. The player gets to keep all the winnings and no wagering is required at all. These huge welcome bonuses are available at a number of sites. Keep an active eye on our pages to find out where. We've taken a closer look at this bonus type and sorted their types below. You can check out these great bonuses that will delight us players many times over during our time at the online casino. We lift new casinos to play a major role in this change, as with their arrival they have all changed their bonus terms and conditions, as well as improved their promotions.

Free Spins

When can free spins be claimed?

  • Welcome bonuses
  • Free spins no deposit required
  • VIP and Loyalty Programs
  • Reload bonuses
  • Tournaments and promotions

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is, of course, where these free spins first come from. On our list, if you look, almost everyone gives them out with no deposit required. In some casinos we still have special offers that you can't find anywhere else and they are usually just these spins. So opening an account is a feast these days and when you go to make your first deposit, the spins increase many times over. There are even hundreds of free spins on top of the deposit bonus and there's plenty to play with for a long time.

There are no wagering requirement spins too, but they are less common with the welcome bonus. So-called super spins, on the other hand, are part of the promotion at many sites and mean free spins with a higher stake. As a bonus, this model works brilliantly and South African players can enjoy an exceptional amount of great promotions. Of course, you can find the best promotions here, so active visits to our website will always bring you a nice bankroll.

Free Spins

Free spins with no deposit required

This bonus offers free play money and is something every casino player is always tongue in cheek about. And if you look at the online casinos we've featured, this bonus is the first one to appear in almost every welcome bonus. We only want the best offers for our readers, and we won't settle for anything less than that. When a player is given the opportunity to build up their bankroll in this way, they are much more likely to open an account. If the sign-up bonus is right, then the other services tend to work too and the player stays.

When this bonus is offered a lot, there is also a blind spot for mistakes. A good analysis of the casino will always give you a better foundation for your playing session, and the experience will end on a much more pleasant note when everything is in order. We don't let ourselves be blinded by staggering bonuses, but every time the casino is subjected to the same rigorous analysis. Only when it proves to be reliable do we launch a promotion.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

Online casinos nowadays give out a really fair amount of extra bonuses to their customers. They have clear loyalty programmes, where the player's status changes to VIP very easily. The number of bonuses then increases and free spins in particular become a regular feature. They may be rewarded up to once a week and the player can get them without making any deposits. Deposit bonuses are ubiquitous and some casinos have combined betting with this bonus. You may get to play free slot machines by placing certain bets, and the full range of games will become familiar to you.

In addition to the VIP programme, almost all casinos give out additional bonuses on a weekly basis. There may be several times a week extra casino bonuses which can give you free spins and play money. In our opinion, this is one of the most important things a casino can do for customer satisfaction. A sufficient amount of extra goodies keeps players loyal and not running away to the competitors' camp. We are in a good position to expect and demand benefits if we reciprocate by playing regularly.

Free spins as a reload bonus

Free spins may also be available as a reload bonus, for example on a daily or weekly basis. In other words, a reload bonus is a bonus that can be claimed after a welcome bonus has already been claimed once. Reload bonuses (or re-deposit bonuses) are therefore aimed at older players.

However, they work in the same way as deposit bonuses, i.e. you need to make a deposit to claim the spins for yourself. The minimum deposit required to cash out the spins can vary a lot, so be sure to check the bonus terms and conditions beforehand. At the same time, you should check the bonus code, if any.

Tournaments and promotions

Free spins may also be available in connection with tournaments, for example. For example, slot tournaments may offer free spins as a prize. You can also claim free spins as part of promotions. By checking the promotions pages of online casinos, you can find promotions and bonuses that may offer free spins. It's worth signing up to the casino's email list to be notified of new bonuses as soon as possible.

Free spins wagering requirements and bonus conditions

It is important to remember that free spins almost always come with wagering requirements and bonus terms. The amount of wagering requirements can vary greatly from one casino to another and players should always choose free spins with the lowest possible wagering requirements.

In addition to these, players should also check other bonus terms and conditions. These include the minimum deposit, the value of the spins (which is usually between €0.10 and €0.20 per spin), the expiry date and the games in which the free spins can be played. The terms and conditions will also mention any other conditions imposed by the casino, such as a possible payout cap.

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements for free spins are usually between 30 and 60 times. The lower the wagering requirement on spins, the better it is for players. Occasionally (though very rarely) you may come across free spins without spins: these are always worth cashing in, as there is nothing to lose.

Minimum deposit

In order to cash out free spins, you need to make a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit is usually between €10 and €20, depending on the casino. Once the minimum deposit has been made, the spins will be automatically awarded to your account. However, sometimes the minimum deposit can be as high as €50 or similar, so it is important to check the minimum deposit amount beforehand.

Validity period

It is important to note that the validity period for free spins is typically very short. While regular casino bonuses can have a validity period of up to weeks, free spins usually only last between 24 and 72 hours. Free spins must be both played and wagered within this period.

Winnings cap

Sometimes free spins may be subject to a payout cap. It could be €100, for example, which means that the maximum amount you can claim from your free spins winnings is €100. So if you had, for example, €120 after a spin, the excess (i.e. €20) would be cancelled and you would be paid €100. It's worth checking the bonus terms and conditions to see if there is a cap on winnings. Free spins without deposit in particular often include a payout cap and it is always worth choosing a bonus that does not include a payout cap, if one is available.

Which games are eligible for free spins?

Generally, casinos specify that free spins can be played on certain games. Sometimes, however, you can choose which games to play the free spins you receive. Again, you should check the bonus terms and conditions beforehand.

Where do you get the most free spins?

Then of course comes the eternal question: where do you get the most free spins? It's hard to pinpoint a single casino because promotions change all the time, but we promise that the best offers are always here. All you need to do is add our casino news to your weekly schedule and you'll be up to date with the best promotions. We have the most popular ones. slot machines, which also give away a fair share of our coveted spins.

South African players are quality conscious and know how to demand good service, as well as decent casino bonuses. We are aware of this fact and it is one of our guidelines when we are looking for a place to play. For us, reader satisfaction is the main thing and when we get a special offer that gives you free play money to a quality casino, then our mission is accomplished. With the above in mind, every day we will continue to analyse the market and look for bonuses just described here for your enjoyment.

By reading our reviews, you can get a good idea of which casinos offer bonuses and free spins. However, you can always find out about current bonuses by clicking through to the casino website and reading more on the casino's promotions page.
Free Spins

How do I claim my free spins?

Claiming free spins is easy and they are usually even automatically awarded to the player's account. When claiming free spins on your first deposit, typically all you need to do is make the minimum deposit required and the spins will be automatically awarded to your account. Sometimes the spins can be awarded in instalments: for example, a package of 100 spins can be awarded in instalments of 20 spins over 5 days.

Sometimes a bonus code is required to redeem the spins. The code is easy to use, just enter it in the space provided when you make your deposit. The bonus code, if any, is always mentioned in the bonus terms and conditions.

In general, the redemption of rounds is done like this:

  • 1.
  • 2. Make the minimum deposit required (add a bonus code if applicable)
  • 3. play for free spins

Once you have enjoyed playing with free spins, be sure to meet the wagering requirements. Once they are met, you can cash out your winnings into your own account.