Kalevala Casino

Kalevala Casino brings our folklore heritage to the online casino, and the stable of old Väinämöinen plays the role of host here. When looking for a casino for South African players, could there be anything more South African than this? Now we have access to a fundamentally South African casino that offers us the same great gaming experience as its competitors, but with a national flavour of its own. It's a brilliant concept that we have to highlight on our website, because that's how proud we are of our own country.

When the whole premise is just South African-oriented, then we can expect everything to take account of our specific requirements. We like to see great casino bonuses and free play money, and we never compromise on quality slot games. Our reviews are comprehensive, and our criteria don't even forgive such a strong theme. We researched the content of this online casino in exactly the same objective way as our competitors. We want to offer only the best to our followers and there is no compromise on that.

Kalevala Casino Services

Kalevala Casino offers everything in South African, of course. From customer service onwards, we receive service in our own language and that naturally makes things easier. Once the account is opened, the first test comes in the account confirmation and to our delight it happens immediately. We get the account fully funded in no time and the customer service is fast. This is exactly how things should be and we can look at the next important checklist item, which is money transfers and related payment methods.

One thing many people forget in the rush to open an account. This is because the online casino pays the withdrawal using the same payment method as the deposit. This is where you may be disappointed if you make a transfer, as it is not always the fastest way. Online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller work the same way and so do most credit cards. Casinos consider this function to be the most important feature of an online casinoas it determines the player's final gaming experience grade. Everything works smoothly in the basics and the South African language used makes everything a notch easier. The promising casino continues with the experience it started with in a great way and we now go to the casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonus

Kalevala Casino doesn't let the player down when it comes to the welcome bonus either. Account opener gets free spins no deposit required and on top of that come deposit bonuses. They feature a nicely designed option model, where the player decides the amount of free play money, as well as the wagering requirement.

Account opening: 20 free spins without deposit + 10 iron coins to trade

  • 1st deposit bonus: 30% max €45, or 100% max €150 + 30 iron coins.
  • 2nd Deposit bonus: 15% max €30, or 50% max €100 + 30 iron coins
  • 3. deposit bonus: 20% max €20, or 75% max €75 + 30 iron coins

If a player chooses the lower percentage, the wagering requirement is only 10 times the amount. The higher percentage will give you more free play money, but the wagering requirement is 50 times. This leaves the decision up to the player, which is exactly what the South African player wants. We want a say in things, and we don't like being told what to do. Väinämöinen takes care of us and we can do as we see fit.

Additional bonuses

Welcome Bonus Iron Coins are linked to the casino's bonus program. They can be used in the casino shop to earn free spins and free play money at convenient intervals. Right from the start, these will serve as a good base and from active play, these payment methods will be added regularly. A great idea that also works very well. A tangible payment instrument makes the rewards more real and you can see the prices of the products in the shop. It is up to the player to decide, and how much more is needed to get higher casino bonuses to use. Yes, Kalevala Casino seems to have exceeded expectations so far and even with the bonuses, there are some great insights that suit South African players very well.

Casino games

The casino games are the last stumbling block where the own goal can be close. Kalevala Casino avoids the mine, even though there is no live casino. It's the only flaw in the overall package, but it doesn't affect the overall score, as the other games are stunning. Great slot machines start the player's experience and there are hundreds of them. The best studios are constantly bringing new games and the old favourites are here for us to play. Jackpots are what we South Africans like to see and they are on offer, so jackpots are on display, as they should be.

The number of table games is also impressive and there are countless versions of Roulette, Baccarat, Red Dog and Blackjack to suit every bankroll. These games never lose their popularity and are just as entertaining every time. Their magic lies in the tactics, which can be used in a different way to slot machines. With enough bonus available, the opportunity to test out different casino games is always better and Kalevala Casino gives you a great chance to do so.

Mobile Casino

Of course, Väinämöinen and partners are also in the spirit of the times and the mobile casino is functional. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection and the Sampo heist is back on. Just pick up your phone and go where you need to be, and the casino goes with you. You'll get to play some great slot games in between, and even visit the shop for free spins with iron coins. A good mobile casino is as good a gaming experience as the main site, and that's what a quality online casino always strives for.


Kalevala Kasino feeds the South African national spirit and self-esteem in a very pleasant way. We felt a certain sense of belonging with the other players, knowing that everyone is from their own country. That makes this casino special, something that foreign operators cannot possibly match. Väinämöinen, Sampo, Ilmarinen and Joukahainen roll around in the recesses of your memory when you think back to your mother tongue lessons at school. There's just the right amount of excitement in the moments of play when you can go shopping with iron coins.

Here is a great online casino for South Africans and best new casinos can't put a bonus past a domestic online casino. Especially as this is really high quality and reliable, and offers a great welcome bonus that brings free play money to your bankroll.