Mahjong 88

Mahjong 88 is a very interesting slot game from Play'n GO, because it has a completely new way of playing. It's Play'n GO's first slot with 8 rows and 8 reels, where the symbols don't roll onto the reels as usual, but are revealed under the cards. There's something new and innovative about this game, which is exactly what you've come to expect from Play'n GO. Read the review for yourself below and try the game today, either for free or for real money.

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mahjong 88 slot

Mahjong 88

This Mahjong 88 game really has a whole new feel to it. Instead of the usual reels, new patterns appear behind winning combinations. There are 4 different seasons that change during the game and the atmosphere is really peaceful. The music playing in the background is sure to put you to sleep and the game is a great pastime after a hard day's work when you just want to relax.

  • Return rate: 96.00%
  • Minimum bet: €0.10
  • Maximum bet: €100
  • Rolls: 8
  • Rows: 8
  • Paylines: paid in clusters

Mahjong 88 has a 96% return rate, which is a nice average. The volatility is high, so not every spin is going to pay out. However, there are big wins to be had if you have the patience! With a minimum bet of just 10 cents and a maximum of up to €100, there's a bet size to suit everyone.

This is a larger grid than normal, with 8 vertical rows and 8 horizontal rows. Winnings are paid in clusters of 4 or more symbols and the maximum win is up to 5,000 times your bet.

Mahjong 88 basic game

Mahjong 88 is set in the middle of a forest, as you'd expect, although there's not much to see in the background other than the dusky seasonal patterns. The game's background music is perhaps one of its best features, as it's very peaceful and sleepy.

The symbols in the game are hard to describe. Some tiles have lines on them, which presumably represent numbers. Others have different flowers and the rest have different coloured circles with flowers in the middle. There are also scatters and wilds.

The game has great graphics and even better music. The changing seasons in the background make the game more interesting to play.

Additional features

Mahjong 88 has something happening all the time. Firstly, there's the Fortune Frog, which charges for every win. Once you have 33 winning symbols, it is activated. There is also a Super Charge Frog, which is activated after 88 wins. In this case, your wins are multiplied by a factor of 5.

When Fortune Frog is activated, one of the four features will be activated randomly. These include Tongue, Croak, Spawn and Hop. Each feature allows you to win in a different way.

The game also features all four seasons. The seasons change randomly and each time it changes, you'll be awarded a bonus. The more you win, the better your bonus will be. The seasons and their bonuses work with wilds.

  • Spring brings you 12 wilds randomly on the board
  • Summer brings you 5 wilds randomly
  • Autumn brings you 11 wilds on the field
  • Winter will treat you to 5 wilds

These features can only be activated on spins when you don't win anything else. Wilds substitute for all other symbols and each season has its own wild.


Because Play'n GO is one of the best game providers on the market, it goes without saying that it always ensures that the game is top-notch in terms of gameplay and usability. This great game can be played on both PC and mobile.

On mobile, you don't need to download a separate app to play the game, you can do so directly from the browser on your phone or tablet. And of course it's compatible with both Android and Apple devices. Mobile gaming is smooth and seamless, and the experience is just as good as on a PC.

play-n-goAll in all, Mahjong 88 is a really fun and entertaining game that brings something new and different to slot gaming.


Play'n GO is always producing innovative games and Mahjong 88 is definitely one of them. Not only does this game have a different grid, but it also has some really cool special features. Because there's always something going on, you'll want to play it over and over again. This game is much more than just a regular game and when you play it, you forget that it's a slot machine in an online casino.

Accessed at play the game for free or for real money by joining Play'n GO's games providers. casinos that offer online play. Good places to start include Frank & Fred Casino, Mango Casino and Piggy Bang Casino.