With a jackpot you could buy, for example, these

Almost all South African people dream of money and sudden riches - at least once in a while. Some of us play the lottery or jackpot games, for example, but even if you don't do either of these, many of you may still dream of the ease and luxury of huge piles of money. In this article, we've put together some fun and slightly crazy uses for money. So, if you've just won a few million in one of your favourite gambling games, here are a few uses for your money!


They say that travel broadens your horizons. Even if money doesn't bring you luck, it does at least give you the chance to travel wherever you want. Is there an Olympic Games in South Korea? All you have to do is fly there to watch your favourite sport from the best and most expensive seats available! Are we racing Formula One this weekend? All you have to do is board a plane in business class and get on the spot to smell the burning kerosene! Wherever it's happening in the world, you can be there in just a few hours! Don't be content with watching ads for far-flung destinations and listening to where celebrities are holidaying! Be one of the millions!

Luxury Yachting

Why take a cruise to Sweden when you can have your own luxury yacht or take a luxury cruise around the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? With enough zeros in your account, the whole world is at your fingertips.Jackpotilla voisit ostaa esimerkiksi nämä


Have you ever heard of the term "eco-mansion" before? Why live in a three-person cell and an eight-square-metre cubicle in Vantaa, when you could just as easily live with your millions on the seafront in Helsinki or abroad in a postcard-like landscape? And you don't just have to pay for the scenery, you can also have the number of rooms, pools and whatever else you want in your house!


Let's be honest. Wouldn't it be pretty cool if you had your very own Ferrari underneath you? There's a lot of talk about that car brand, but very few of us have one in our garage. When you have enough money, you can buy a quality Italian car for yourself with a clear conscience and finally give up the 400,000 kilometres you've driven in Japan. There's a style in there too!

Let's go for the riches! You never know at what point online casino slot machine will decide to remember you with a huge pot! Unlikely perhaps, but possible!