CherryCasino belongs to the ranks of connoisseurs. It is one of the oldest online casinos and its history goes back decades. This great South African casino offers the perfect cover, especially for South African players. With not only casino games, but also betting and international lotteries, we are in for a real treat from the casino world. This online casino deserves a place in our reviews and we're bringing it in for a closer look now so you can get to know its services.Competition is fierce and only the strongest survive as new casinos come through every door. Now it's like opening the doors of a Christmas calendar, as newcomers redefine the bonuses and are able to challenge the old players in services. Players like CherryCasino, with their long history, are up to the challenge and have a lot to offer. We players are in the stands to watch the best promotions and pick the ones we like for our own pockets. For us, service plays a big role in an online casino. They determine the quality of the gaming experience, because, for example, when it comes to money transfers, withdrawals have to go smoothly. So let's start by seeing how this operator has handled things.

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CherryCasino Services

Too often, the importance of services is overlooked when the huge casino bonuses take up all the space. Especially a new player may not realise that there is much more to a casino visit than free money and gambling. You need to get your winnings out as painlessly as possible and that's where the basic services come in. Once these are taken care of properly, you can concentrate on playing without worrying. The Casinos website sees CherryCasino's services as well taken care of and the account verification process went off without a hitch right from the start. It is always required before the first withdrawal, so it is an important step.

Once the casino handles the above steps well, the next item is the payment methods. CherryCasino gives the options of wire transfers, credit cards, as well as online wallets. In particular, online wallets such as Skrill and Neteller are our favourite methods, as with them the withdrawal is instant once approved. Wire transfers always take banking days. Debit cards are also among the fast payment methods and this casino has all the basics in place. Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less, as an experienced casino has certainly taken care of this aspect to a high standard.cherrycasino

Welcome Bonus

CherryCasino doesn't overdo it with the welcome bonus. Its attraction is based on something else than just a vain glorification of the play money, but you can still get a triple deposit bonus. That's a much higher percentage than average, and the small change is a nice way to play.

  • First deposit bonus of 200%, up to a maximum of €50

When the online casino's services and game selection are in order, as they are at CherryCasino. Then there is no need for excessive hype and the triple casino bonuses are enough. Too often we see bonuses that give out hundreds, even thousands of euros in bonuses, but if the quality of the casino is not up to scratch, the bonus is of no use in the long run. An online casino this well-run will be able to convince the player with its range of games, and it will give a reasonable welcome bonus that gives you access to a small amount of money to play with.

The same bonus also applies to betting, giving the player easy access to the odds and game options. It's the betting that makes this casino interesting, as there are still few sites that offer both areas of play, and in high quality. Additional bonuses then keep the player happy in the future and there are quite a few of them.

Additional bonuses

CherryCasino doesn't splurge on these either, however, and confidence in its gaming offering remains the main focus. Of course, the player gets the first lottery ticket risk-free, so the bet is refunded if it doesn't hit. This is the perfect place to try out some of the biggest lotteries in the world, where the jackpots can run into hundreds of millions of euros. On top of that, there's a trip to New York for the new year and lots of other little things at regular intervals. This is a slightly different online casino compared to its competitors, as it doesn't bet too much on bonuses. There is enough free play money and that's what gets you going.

Casino Games

CherryCasino is a real dream site for the South African player. It has a very wide range of slot games and has attracted the biggest game manufacturers. There are hundreds of jackpots and base games, as well as a wide variety of table games. If you're into roulette and jackpots, then the live casino takes you to a real table where the atmosphere is instantly buzzing. The great game selection is complemented by a mobile casino that puts all the hell in your pocket. There's no need to install any apps, everything is done directly from your mobile browser. Mobile games look great and popular slot machines are also available in mobile versions.cherry casino

Betting and Lotto

Betting is one area of gambling where South Africans are tough players. We love to bet on our favourites and when a quality online casino gives you the opportunity to play this form of the game, it's a great addition. With top-notch odds and a wide range of leagues to choose from, we've got some great options to stack up some decent combination bets. Live bets are also a hit and always add a nice extra thrill to the match you're watching.

For us South Africans, the lottery is the most important game. We've all spent time playing it on Saturday nights and now that we have the chance to win the biggest pots in the world, we're in for a party. PowerBall, MegaMillions, DinoLotto, EuroJackpot and EuroMillions all offer pots so big that our own lottery is helplessly overshadowed. When you can use these to place tickets alongside betting and casino games, all the gaming opportunities are there for the taking.


CherryCasino is an incredibly well-designed package. With one of the widest ranges of games available, there is something for every type of player. Toughest new casinos always brag about their bonuses and game selection, but this is something they haven't managed to do yet. When a player gets a complete gaming experience in one place, it's a priceless opportunity. We feel that CherryCasino is the place for South African gaming tastes, and it offers a very wide range of possibilities for versatile casino gaming. The offer is not the largest in the world, but the range of games is even better. With the basics in place, the casino can rely purely on the product.