Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is one of this year's staggering new additions to the jackpots. NetEnt released the game in January and we got a new jackpot in our casino arsenal at the same time. There's something inexplicably charming about these jackpots and we South Africans in particular are after them. When hundreds of thousands of euros and even millions are up for grabs, South African players are lining up for their turn to play immediately. These games are so important to us that we need to take a closer look at this kind of game release.

The game, based on Greek mythology, is a slot game in the familiar progressive jackpot category and it always brings its own excitement when the jackpot is unimaginably large. For us, these slot machines are already a common focus of attention, but jackpots are even more so. Who wouldn't remember that the biggest jackpot in history was won by a South African player on NetEnt's Mega Fortune, and there are many smaller million-dollar wins. We play these games with the same attitude as we play the lottery, so it's always worth spending a few euros now and then if you're lucky.

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Divine Fortune

Best New Slot Machines

New slot machines are constantly coming out and we strive to find the pearls among the large number of options. We always take our time to take a close look at a new game and explore its features at our leisure. If the game meets our quality expectations, then The Casinos website publishes an extensive review. A good slot machine should have a good quality basic game with enough chances to win. Not everything should be based on a rare bonus game, but on a steady stream of wins. This keeps the game interesting for the player and prevents boredom from setting in so quickly.

Nowadays, slot machines have evolved enormously and are available everywhere. Of course, there are plenty of bad ones, but quality game studios guarantee quality with every release. As with this game, a big game studio is in a strong position when it can invest enough in product development. It ensures the quality of the game before release, and no weak works are released. With thousands of games to choose from, there are naturally many great options, and we strive to bring as much variety as possible to the market. top-quality slot machines to highlight the very best of our top-quality slots.

Divine Fortune Base Game

Divine Fortune is very familiar in its basic features. Its five reels and three rows are familiar from most casino slot machines and the symbols are mostly familiar too. The top cards of the deck, plus the Greek mythological gods, spin on the screen to form winning combinations. A good basic game is always entertaining and includes quality little tricks to increase your winnings.

  • Five reels on three rows
  • 20 paylines
  • Bet levels: €0.20 - €100
  • Payback percentage 96.6%
  • Wild symbols
  • Scatter symbols
  • Wild -respin
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus game
  • Jackpot

On top of the base symbols, there are wilds and scatters, with wilds substituting for all other symbols. It's familiar from all casino games and scatters award free spins. A good base game will keep you entertained for a long time and while you wait for the bonus game, you'll get a nice sized payout with a good payback percentage. However, everyone is waiting for the main objective to be reached when the bonus game starts.


Divine Fortune lets players go for the jackpot in a different way to what they're used to. Next to the game screen is a pot into which gold coins drop as you play. When the pot fills up, a bonus game opens up and that's when the jackpot chase begins. The bonus game spins on free spins and the aim is to fill the box with gold coins. If this happens, the pot will be paid out and we have another lucky winner of the jackpot. The interestingly novel bonus game and access to it makes Divine Fortune slot a fun slot to play.

There are no other extra features in the game and the jackpot is the main thing. Of course, there are free spins and bigger wins even during the base game and they help to keep that pot of gold coins going. For us, this bonus game offered exciting moments and its new idea brought a change from many competing jackpots.

Progressive jackpots

NetEnt distributes progressive jackpots and this means that the main winnings are collected from all casinos where the game is available. This allows the pot to quickly grow to a huge amount and the player's casino is irrelevant. The jackpot is shared by all players and someone will always win it. These progressive jackpots have made it possible to win millions of euros, including new casinos can participate. Otherwise, they would have no chance of putting in a million euro pot and perhaps paying it out in the first week. Now everyone has the opportunity to offer these jackpots and we players are happy.

This is where online casinos have reached the same situation as the giant casinos in Las Vegas. They have similar pots, but the amounts of money that move around are huge. With a progressive jackpot, even a smaller online casino can do the same and we players have more opportunities. The allure of these pots will certainly never fade and if anyone says that these games don't appeal, they are talking nonsense. You go to a casino to win and the bigger the payout, the better.


Divine Fortune is a convincing jackpot game. It offers a new theme and a different bonus game. Especially the bonus game is fun to enter and when the player sees the pot all the time, he knows when he can enter the game. Usually the bonus game comes at random and there is no way to predict it. In this game, the player sees the situation all the time and when the bonus game starts to approach, that's when the palms start to sweat.

We see this slot as one of the games of the year. Jackpots are released so rarely that it is always a landmark event. However, expectations are high and the game studio is therefore at high risk of failure. This was not the case with Divine Fortune, and the game is perfect just as it is. It offers exciting moments, a quality base game, and a jackpot. This is the perfect destination if quality casino bonuses will give you a decent bankroll to chase the pot. Now go for that next jackpot in South Africa, because luck is often on our side.

Divine Fortune