Joker Millions

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Joker Millions

Joker millions jackpot game is a popular high-win game released in 2015 by Yggdrasill. It has not yet achieved the most popularity among the big win games, but it is still a well-known and much played game among players.

  • Return rate: 94.3%
  • Minimum bet: €0.25
  • Maximum bet: €25
  • Paylines: 25
  • Rolls: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Main prize: 300 coins
  • Manufacturer: yggdrasill
  • Released: 1.4.2015

Game from return rate at almost 94%, Joker Millions is slightly behind in terms of return compared to many other games today. However, it is a low volatility game based on an hour of testing, meaning there's a lot going on and small wins are coming in quite often. The game is suitable for every player, with bet sizes ranging smoothly from €0.25 to €25.

Externally, the game has a traditional look slot machinewith three rows, five reels and 25 different paylines. The 300 coin jackpot is the highest possible win you can get in one normal game round. The game's jackpots then offers much bigger wins of up to several million.

Joker Millions basic game

Joker Millions

The Joker Millions base game has seven different symbols on the screen. A bell, watermelon, cherry, plum, orange, lemon, number seven and the wild symbol. The symbols are very clear and stand out nicely from each other.

The base game also offers a re-spin for every win as long as more of the same symbols appear on the spins. The game only pays out on the last spin and if the reels get full from left to right then the payout multipliers are also triggered. At best, the payout is up to six times the normal payout, but the screen must be filled with the same symbol.

All wins in the game are paid in the traditional left to right manner.

Additional features

In addition to the basic game, Joker Millions has a nice variety of extra features. The re-spin was already mentioned in the base game and there's also the possibility of a jackpot and mystery wins.

The two are actually related, as if you get at least one wild symbol on each reel in the same spin, a mystery win re-spin is triggered. In this game, the machine will re-spin the reels as many times as there is at least one new wild symbol on any reel. For each new wild symbol, a mystery win is awarded and if you fill the screen with 15 wild symbols, you have won the game's jackpot.

The game's jackpot offers players a real life-changing experience with millions up for grabs. At the time of writing this review, the Joker Million jackpot was well over €2.5 million.


yggdrasilJoker Millions is definitely a fun game to play and a good time to have. The game is reminiscent of a classic casino slot machine with its clear symbols and game-like sounds.

The special effects at the moment of a win are moderate and the game has a calm casino feel to it. This atmosphere is not diminished by the fact that the background music is pleasantly varied and relaxed, and also strongly reminiscent of a casino and even a live orchestra.

Thanks to the clear symbols, the game is very easy to follow and to get excited about the events of a single game round. The game seems to happen relatively often and this keeps the gameplay definitely interesting. Even with a small bankroll, I was able to play the game for a surprisingly long time as it offered events and small wins quite often.


Joker Millions is a nice and varied high payout game and it is definitely worth adding to your gaming line-up. Check out this great product from Yggdrasil on one of the games available on our website. casino and see if you can get lucky while playing. Remember that you can also explore each game with play money, completely free of charge.

However, remember to play with restraint and responsibility and take sufficient breaks. This is important even if you are playing with bonus money or play money.

Good luck with your games and don't forget to keep reading our reviews and news so you know what to play, where to play and who gets the naughtiest bonuses.