Reel Rush

Reel Rush brings back simple slot machines. There are no extra bonus games, or other add-ons in this game. It's a really simple game, with one little hook that carries the whole game to an absolutely stunning conclusion. The king of slot machines, NetEnt, is behind it and the game is once again overwhelmingly gorgeous. We get to enjoy a really great gaming experience that will keep you hooked for a long session. For us, the feel and quality of the slot is of great importance. That's why we're very selective when it comes to choosing which slots to showcase on our website. A game must be truly exceptional to warrant a column space for the enjoyment of our readers.We monitor online casinos and their game offerings all the time. We also come across a lot of new games and always compare them to the overall offering. A good slot machine will always stand out from the crowd in some way and there are many factors that go into that. Some may have a great theme and blend seamlessly with the game. Others have great bonus games that add depth to the gaming experience, while still keeping the game in line.

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Reel Rush


A brilliantly simple slot machine

Reel Rush represents a line where simplicity is the strength. It brings an easy approach to the game and is quick to assimilate. Simple does not mean boring, however. Casinos always have entertaining slot machines on their website. Entertainment is individual and we understand that. Some players like their slot machine to be versatile, while others prefer a relaxed gaming experience where they don't have to worry about anything. Reel Rush falls into the latter category and its basic game play carries the whole session, without add-ons.

Or there is an add-on, but it's part of the base game and adds just the right amount of atmosphere and excitement. In this game, NetEnt has outdone itself by creating a completely new way of playing, where the number of lines is not constant. It changes and comes to life and at the same time the number of winning combinations is unimaginable. Let's get into the secrets of the game next, and it really blew us away when we played our first few rounds. A great gaming experience that you can never have too many of.

Reel Rush Basic Game

Reel Rush is basically a traditional slot machine, but it's not. There are five reels and a maximum of five rows on each reel. However, there are fewer at the start and every time a player gets a win, a free spin is awarded and more lines are added. This continues for as long as the winning streak lasts and the free spins can get really big. With over three thousand winning combinations, we're talking about one of the biggest payout games ever made for online casinos.

  • 5 reels and max five lines
  • Maximum number of winning combinations: 3125.
  • Stake levels: €0.50 - €100
  • Payout percentage 97%
  • Wild symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus game

The game captivates from the first win. When the wins come in a row and the paylines increase with free spins, the player realises that there's a rattle of currency in the bankroll and a lot of it. That's the hook of this game and it's one of the most brilliant ideas we've seen in a long time. Games like this are a joy to play and are suitable for new and old players alike.

Additional features

There are no extra features. They're all there in the growth of the paylines and I have to say, having played the game, that you don't need them. The game is a great basic game that takes you back in time to a time when gaming was simple. Now that all the game studios are creating complex games that require a course to play, it doesn't make sense any more. A game like this is at its best when you've taken everything out of it. The bonus games would have just ruined the forward-rolling feel of it.

Back to the Roots

We've already mentioned a return to the roots several times in this review. If you look back to the early days of casinos, then slot machines were one-armed bandits. They had one payline and a lever to pull. Hence its nickname. The game was as simple as a casino game could be and yet they are still played to this day. There is a charm to the mechanical game and Reel Rush, in its own way, harkens back to those days. Especially if the reader is new to online casinos, then this is the game to try for the first time. Get your free play money from us and go to a quality online casino to play this slot machine.

Of course, you can easily find the quality casinos mentioned here and each of them has been tested as rigorously as this game. So take your first casino experience for granted and start with the basics. They are often the best experiences. In the beginning we talked about feeling, and that's what a good casino game always creates. There's something about it that's inexplicable and keeps you coming back for more.


Reel Rush is one of the finest slot games NetEnt has ever made. They have come up with a lot of great games and many of them are also complex. However, a quality gaming studio knows its players and knows how to build a simple game for those who want it. This game is also a good change from all the other hustle and bustle and a nice way to relax after a hard week's work. When you don't have to think about anything when playing a slot machine, it serves its purpose. If you want to think while you play, then play chess. Of course, casino table games also offer options for smart gaming.

For us, the casino experience is everything. We want to provide the widest possible range of offerings for South African players and through that there is something for everyone. We are very strict with our recommendations, as we don't want our readers to see bad online casinos, or slot machines. Some will like some of the options available and others will like others. Our job is to be open-minded and quality-controlled. Great new casinos and their bonuses are here for you, and don't forget our special offers. There's plenty of free play money to go around.

Reel Rush