Avoid these violations at online casinos: there are penalties for cheating

Online casinos take many steps to make sure that players who cheat cannot cheat their way into the casino. Since the beginning of casinos, there have always been players who try to go where the fence is lowest. However, there is no point in cheating, because there will always be consequences. Read more about avoiding these offences at online casinos.

Fortunately, players who try to cheat intentionally are few and far between, but sometimes players may accidentally screw up and cause themselves harm. In this article, we take a look at the types of offences that online casino players should avoid at all costs.

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Avoid these violations at online casinos

How do casinos prevent scams?

All casinos make every effort to prevent scams. Of course, casinos are not charitable institutions, but profit-making businesses and must do their best to prevent fraudulent activity.

In addition, online casinos have to comply with a number of legal provisions, including the prevention of criminal activity. In other words, casinos do not only prevent fraudulent activity to protect their own back rooms, but they also have to comply with regulations and legal provisions to ensure that they can continue to operate.

There are a number of ways in which casinos work to prevent fraud, including the following.

Avoid these mistakes at online casinos - Games must not be manipulated or their flaws exploited

All from Gambling online casinos are random number generator based (except for live games) and are programmed so that they cannot be tampered with: neither by the players nor by the casinos themselves. Thanks to the Random Number Generator, each outcome of a game is random, independent and independent of the previous outcome.

However, sometimes, on rare occasions, technical glitches can occur in games for one reason or another and the casino's terms of use state that technical glitches must not be exploited. If a player does so, any winnings will be immediately void.

Money transactions are monitored

Online casinos and other casinos are a common target for money launderers and criminal activity. As such, online casinos need to keep a close eye on players' financial transactions. This is one of the reasons why casinos require players to make withdrawals in the same way as they make deposits.

In addition, in some cases, the casino may ask players to prove the source of their funds. This is to ensure that no one comes to the casino with money earned through criminal activity.

If the casino asks you to do this, you should feel free to submit the documents to the casino in order to continue playing.

Avoid these mistakes at online casinos - Identity verification

Casinos must also always verify the identity of their players sooner or later to prevent anyone from stealing someone else's identity or engaging in other criminal activities. Casinos without registration advertise that players do not need to verify their identity separately after online banking verification, but this is not the case: pay N play casinos must also verify their identity at the latest when the withdrawal amount exceeds €2000.

Opening multiple accounts and taking advantage of bonuses is prohibited

Some players may consider opening multiple accounts at a single casino, for example, to claim casino bonuses more than once. However, this is not allowed and if you open multiple accounts with the casino, either intentionally or accidentally, the casino will close the accounts quickly.</span

If you accidentally open another account with the casino, please contact the casino's customer service directly and let them know. The customer service team can help you close the second account.

Avoid these mistakes when playing at online casinos

Online casino gambling is generally easy and straightforward, but you should still be careful not to accidentally break the casino's terms and conditions.

Avoid at least these mistakes when playing at an online casino:

  • Don't play underage.
  • Do not play using someone else's identity or a fake identity.
  • Do not use another person's payment instruments.
  • Do not open multiple accounts at the same online casino.
  • Do not play in a casino that is not intended for South Africans.
  • Do not try to take advantage of technical faults in the casino.
  • Do not wager bonuses using fraudulent means.
  • Do not try to play with money that has no proven origin.

What are the consequences of scams?

Human error is understandable and if you accidentally violate the casino's terms and conditions, you can usually resolve the situation with the casino directly. However, if the breach is major or if you have clearly done it deliberately, the casino can both close your account, refuse your winnings and ban you from the casino and any sister casinos operated by the operator. In some cases, the casino may even contact the police.

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Avoid these violations at online casinos