The secret of Starburst's popularity

Hello and welcome back to casino news! This time, we're talking about a slot that I'm sure pretty much everyone who plays online casinos is familiar with. If you've never played NetEnt's Starburst, you have a gap in your casino knowledge. This game is like the Double Lotto or Joker Poker. Not in terms of features, but in terms of legend. There is simply no game that is as big a classic as Starburst is.

In this article, we'll consider not only the popularity of Starburst, but also its virtues. What still, years after the game's release, draws so many of us to Starburst? Is it the excellence of the game or something else entirely? Our skilled and diligent writers are determined to find out!The secret of Starburst's popularity

There are many reasons

There are certainly many reasons for Starburst's endless and unshakeable popularity, so let's go through them in a few headlines.

Casino support

One major factor in the longevity of the Starburst saga is undoubtedly the support that casinos have given to the game. Almost every casino gives out a welcome bonus to players free spins. Almost 9 times out of 10 these free spins are either a) for Starburst only or b) for Starburst and a few other games. This is how online casinos have been promoting Starburst for years and guiding their players to play this particular classic.


While casinos have made Starburst famous, it has become the first online casino game for many players. This familiarity and familiarity has made the game extremely popular, as many of us have fond and fun memories of the game. Alternatively, we have never won at the game, so we would love to see it win something big. Both of these things encourage us to play this game.

Simple game mechanics

Of course, we have to admit that Starburst is a good and entertaining game. Even if the biggest and most varied bonus features are absent, the basic game is executed in a very functional way. Players occasionally get to see stacked wilds on their screen, which are always accompanied by a re-spin. Perhaps best of all, the game pays left to right and right to left. This is why the game remains exciting from start to finish every spin, because even if the first three reels don't give you a win, the fourth and fifth reels can still give you a win!