Motörhead is one of those names that everyone knows. The band is an absolutely legendary heavy rock pioneer and its frontman is known all over the world. Now NetEnt has brought it to the online casino, and we get to enjoy a top-notch slot game to the beat of a hev. This is the ultimate gaming experience that will have your socks spinning and your neighbour's paintings falling off the wall. Put the speakers on full blast and get the game going, and we guarantee you'll be in the mood for a South African player's home. We included this great game in our review because it simply cannot be ignored.Theme games have come a long way for online casinos and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. Motörhead, however, will blow the pot, capturing the passionate music and atmosphere of the band's shows. When you start the game, the intro sends shivers down your spine and Ace of Spades makes the reels spin. Thousands of slot machines have been made, but few have been able to create such an atmosphere. At least for heavy music lovers, it's the perfect gaming experience.


Legend Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy was a legend in his own lifetime and now that he's singing in the afterlife, the music will go on immortal forever. The man was a true Grand Old Man of horse music, a true tar stump who cared nothing for publicity, or a flashy lifestyle. He lived in his neighbourhood to the end and went to his local pub every day. This man was unaffected by success, except for a lifestyle that was a bit rough around the edges with a bit of partying. But music is the main thing and he has produced countless hits. Even fans of disco music will recognise the band's songs and that says a lot about their achievements.

What happens when a giant like this is brought into the online casino game? The end result is impressive when done with care. The game has an entertaining look and the music, of course, carries throughout in the background. The game is well constructed, the action is varied, and the bonus games captivate the player. To the Casinos site the basic game play and atmosphere are the most important things of all and the atmosphere is probably already clear to the reader at this point. We have found the perfect rock game that captivates from the start. How the gameplay itself goes from there, that's what we'll get to now.

Motörhead Basic Game

The Motörhead game brings a different approach to the usual slot machine. It has five reels and five rows, but not all rows are fully engaged at the start. As wins come in, more rows are added to the reels, as well as free spins and the chances of winning more are increasing. A longer winning streak brings the full reels into play and that's when the big money is already being sought. It's a great idea that turns a basic game into a totally different gaming experience.

  • 5 reels - first two in three, two in four and one in five rows
  • 76 paylines
  • Stake levels: €0.20 - €200
  • Payback percentage 96.98%
  • Wild symbols
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Scatter symbols
  • Bomber Feature
  • Bonus symbols
  • Free Spins
  • Bonus Game

A great payback percentage gives nice payouts and the game's wilds bring huge boosts to your winnings. This basic game is at its best when you keep the volumes down and let the music take you forward. You won't even miss the extra features, but of course you'll be interested in them, as those bigger payouts are waiting there.


Motörhead includes a bonus game that comes completely at random. The Bomber Feature will have the walls shaking and the granny next door looking for nitro in the cupboard. Explosions and even louder music will ratchet up the tension and make the atmosphere even better. With an extra bomb like this, which doesn't depend on symbols, the game has that element of surprise throughout. For us, this was two birds of a feather at once, with the hits blaring and something felt like it was happening all the time. Free spins rain down to the beat of the bass drum and Lemmy roars out the lyrics to the song. It's just an exhilarating experience that leaves the player sweating. The best slot machines create a great atmospherethat keeps you going long after the game is over. This game will make you dig out your Motörhead collection and the feeling will last long after you've finished playing.motörhead

A celebration of heavy music

Introducing a musical theme into a slot machine is always risky. There's a big risk of failure, and especially the atmosphere of the game itself is challenging to match the theme. Motörhead has succeeded perfectly. The band's music and attitude reflect danger and power, neither of which is missed in the game itself. It follows the same line as the music and has momentum and dangerous situations, even when shared with others. If every music-themed game did this well, we might see a casino dedicated to it one day.

Here's a game that has been well received by new casinos and can be found at all the casinos on our list. It's also at the top of our favourites list and, pleasingly, has also brought new fans to the band's music. Lemmy left us too soon, but the music will live on forever. We South Africans got a lucky break when he came to do a TV commercial for Valio in his very last days. It repeated the original ad about the blown up guy who never drank milk and we got the champion himself to do the same.


Motörhead must be the ultimate slot machine for many people and that was the case for some of our editorial team. The game sends shivers down your spine and makes your hair stand on end when Overkill blasts. The atmosphere is palpable and the gameplay is really entertaining. If you take the music out of this game, it still carries on from a brilliant idea. There's variety, which of course fits the theme, but it also adds new features.

At this point, every reader should already be going for the best casino bonuses from our website The game is ready and waiting. Such is the icing on the cake that now everyone should wake up and give it a try. Motörhead has never found a winner in its own music, and neither will this game find one in a moment. A compelling and impressive package that is among the absolute elite of casino games.