Casinos have become very familiar to us South Africans, and their offer has exceeded all expectations. We've seen some great new additions and the old players have made huge improvements. Casino bonuses are getting better every year, and we are getting more free play money and free spins than ever. This is a real player's market, as there is a huge amount of choice and more is coming in all the time. That's why sites like ours are in demand; with all the information overload, it can be hard to find the best online casinos and promotions. The huge choice on offer presents challenges for players and operators alike.

As the number of casinos continues to rise, quality and safety are becoming the main factors. We want to find the pearls in this plethora of offerings and bring them to our readers to explore. New players in particular are even confused by all that is on offer, and welcome bonuses can be easily confusing. When choosing a casino, it's especially the basic services that you need to be careful with, as there's no point in a bonus if the casino's services aren't up to scratch.

We also actively monitor game developments: slot games, casino table games and live casino and jackpots are under constant scrutiny. With new casino games being released every month, it's good to know which ones are high quality and which ones are less successful. Our editorial team tests and publishes reviews that include only the top slot games. This makes it easy for you to go straight to a quality gaming experience.

So you've come to the best casino site in South Africa, a site that rigorously researches and reviews the casino industry. We make sure you always get the best gaming experience - and of course, top-notch bonuses. Our long experience in casino gaming gives us an advantage that we now want to use for the benefit of other players, and to share our know-how with others. The world of casinos is a colourful and vibrant place, and it's not worth getting lost in ignorance. That's where this site comes in, bringing it all to you in a nutshell.

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Why come to CASINO?

Then why is our site so superior? Simply because of our long experience and our passion for online casinos. We've spent countless hours on them, which, at the best casinos, will turn a rainy day into a sunny one. We will repeat the huge number of online casinos, but it's a fact that cannot be ignored. The casino market has heated up to new heights in recent years, and the quality has also developed enormously. In this fierce competition, many old players have been left behind, while new entrants have emerged as winners.

The fierce competition in the casino bonus market has also brought changes. In the past, players might have been given a 100% deposit bonus on opening an account, but now that is nowhere near enough to compete. New customers can receive up to hundreds of free spins and free play money, and they are no stranger to multiple deposit bonuses. Now we have reached a situation where players as customers can compete for services. That's exactly what our site was created for. It gives an unbiased opinion on new and old online casinos and slot machines. We also go through the welcome bonuses and select the best ones for you.

The Casinos site also shares special offers, and you can find numerous promotions on our site that are not available elsewhere. You get significantly more for many online casinos free spins without deposit. Free play money is also available. When these top offers come along, you should grab them immediately, as they may not last long. A quality and reliable online casino is always the most important thing, and the bonus only comes when the other features are in place. We test each casino and go through its services from account opening to withdrawal.

We also keep you up to date with the latest news from the casino world and always update the latest happenings here. So you should bookmark our site right now. If you want to keep up to date with online casinos, this is the place to do it. Only the best will do for us and our readers, so there are no bad casinos here.Casinos at

Quality South African Casinos

So how do you define quality casinos? There are many factors, and as mentioned at the beginning, a good welcome bonus alone won't go very far if the basics aren't right. We always use a certain formula in our casino reviews, which we follow. This ensures that South African players receive the best possible service in a safe environment. Only after that come the casino bonuses and, of course, the slot machines and other casino games offered by the online casino.

You can also easily check for yourself what kind of online casino you're looking for with the following list:

  • South African-speaking casino
  • English language support with extensive opening hours
  • Wide range of options for money transfers (e.g. online wallets, debit cards, bank transfers)
  • Fast withdrawals even on weekends
  • Comprehensive range of games and game formats
  • High quality game studios
  • Good welcome bonus with sufficient free play money and free spins
  • Loyalty programme for regular players
  • Extra bonuses as often as possible

These points above are the basics that need to be in place. Then you can try out the gaming experience offered by the casino in question. If these points are not met during the checkout, the gaming experience will be helplessly lacking at the latest at the withdrawal stage. Then there will be more dust than praise, and the withdrawal will be delayed unnecessarily.

The easiest way to ensure yourself a quality place to play is to visit our website and choose one of our online casinos. Each of them has been researched, tested and found to exceed our standards. With good casino bonuses to suit all tastes and an incredible amount of play money to give away, there's no need to come away empty-handed. The bankroll is in order from the start and is needed to test out as much of the casino's offerings as possible.Casinos in South Africa

Free Spins and Casino Bonuses for South Africans

Finns are always after free play money, and it's one of our national characteristics. Why would we go to a place that doesn't give you a generous bonus to start with, when the casino next door has it coming through the doors. We are also one of the most gambling nations in the world - and that's why we have much better welcome bonuses on offer.

So casinos have actively responded to our passion for gaming and we can enjoy the results. The best welcome bonuses include a varied bonus structure, and usually offer multiple deposit bonuses. We've picked out the best ones available just for you and added our own special offers.

There are several different types of casino bonuses and the most common types of welcome bonus are as follows:

  • Free Spins, or Free play money with no deposit required free play bonus or free play bonus or no deposit when you open an account
  • Deposit bonus 100-400% and free spins on top
  • Multi-day deposit bonuses
  • Extra bonuses for certain payment methods
  • Other extra gifts for new account openers

So we have something extra on offer all the time and the best casinos give it all in combination. New customers get to enjoy a decent bankroll, with no fear of running out when new bonuses are queued up.

Loyalty programmes are another major area that casinos have invested in over the past few years. Active players can get really good offers and incredible amounts of free play money just by playing regularly. The casinos' understanding and appreciation of customer loyalty has come to the forefront of the competition. This has given us much better reasons to stay with a good online casino for longer.Free spins and casino bonuses

Recycling requirement

The wagering requirement is a dirty word for many players. However, this is usually due to their own over-enthusiasm, having accepted the bonus without reading the terms and conditions. All casinos usually have conditions behind the free play money they give out. A wagering requirement is the most common. It simply means that any bonus money received, whether it is in the form of a deposit or free spins winnings, must be wagered. This requirement is usually between 20 and 50 times higher and must be met by the player before they can withdraw their winnings.

Let's take this as an example. A player is awarded 20 free spins and wins €30. The casino wagering requirement is 20 times, so the player has to play casino games for €30 * 20 = €600. Once this amount is reached, the winnings can be withdrawn. There are also certain groups of games that do not wager 100% and table games are usually among these. So always check the bonus terms and conditions before receiving it. You'll avoid a lot of unnecessary aggravation if you know what to do. Some casinos now also offer free spins without a wagering requirement, so you can withdraw your winnings.

Casino Terms and Conditions

Online casinos always have their own rules and conditions. Familiarising yourself with them should be one of the first things you do when you start at a new online casino. Bonus terms and conditions are particularly important, and it is also a good idea to check the details relating to money transfers. The online casino also goes through the terms and conditions regarding games and winnings, as well as problem situations, so documentation is important. Don't make the common mistake of putting your name underneath without reading the small print.

The terms and conditions are not some bullshit way for a casino to try to avoid paying out winnings. They are designed to protect both the customer and the casino in the event of problems or abuse. When both parties know what has been agreed, problems do not arise unnecessarily. Customer services will help if they encounter problems and can provide quick help with the question on your mind.

Money transfers are an important point to check when it comes to bonuses. The terms and conditions clearly state the withdrawal schedule for certain payment methods and how quickly the casino promises to process the withdrawal request. In general, this information can be found in the relevant section of the website, but the terms and conditions have grouped it together in the same place.About CASINO


The Best South African Casinos 2023 are therefore centralised on this website. We have the top of the range new casinos, and many have gone on to offer a wider range of services. Sports betting is one of those things that South Africans are interested in, and many of our casinos have included it in their game selection. Well-designed betting with top odds is an absolute must for quality slot machines, and these sites offer everything from a single address. The South African casino player is our target audience, and we strive to provide the best possible information package on the best casinos.

We play at the casinos we feature ourselves and every bonus is researched and tested. The money transfers work and the services are good when you get to know the casinos on these pages. When it comes to casino bonuses, we pick the most staggering ones that are at the same time at a quality online casino - in other words, we don't have any bad options. There's a gaming site to suit everyone, where gaming becomes entertainment.

Responsible gaming is also important to us. We support it, and we certainly don't want to steer anyone into trouble. Gambling is just a way of spending time and having fun. Be sure to monitor your spending at casinos, and if you feel you are gambling too much, online casinos will give you the option to voluntarily limit your gambling. There are also helplines where you can get support if the problem becomes insurmountable.

Let's have fun and find new, great casinos with something new to offer together. In the face of fierce competition, every player is putting their best foot forward and we'll be there to catch you when something pops up. So be sure to check back here regularly to read the latest news and know where the casino industry is going - especially for South African players.

Frequently asked questions

You must be at least 18 years old to play at a casino. It is illegal for minors to play at the casino.

Online gambling is easy and safe. You can play from the comfort of your own home on your computer, phone or tablet. Best of all, deposits and withdrawals are instant. You can also receive bonuses and free spins automatically in your casino account. So your chances of winning increase. You have to drive to the casino, which takes a lot of time and usually regular casinos don't give bonuses to players.

RTP is short for Return to Player, and it stands for return to player. It tells you how high the return on a slot machine is. Online slots usually have a high RTP, around 96%. In land-based casinos, the RTP is lower, so the chances of winning are lower.

All casinos listed on CASINO are safe. You can deposit, claim bonuses and withdraw your winnings without any worries. If for any reason you encounter problems, you can contact us at [email protected].

There are a few different options for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposit options include Trustly, Zimpler, VISA, Mastercard, Rapid transfer, Much Better, Skrill and Neteller. For withdrawals, good options include Trustly, Zimpler, Rapid transfer, Much Better, Skrill or Neteller. Some casinos also offer withdrawals to bank accounts.

It's up to you. Some people like slots and others like table games. You should check the terms and conditions of the bonus you received in this regard. The wagering requirements for slots and table games are very different. For slot games, the wagering requirement is 100%, while for table games it can be as low as 20%. So it takes longer to spin.

All complaints should first be sent to the casino's customer service. If they can't help you, you can contact us at [email protected].

All casinos on our page offer deposit limits. The easiest way to change your deposit limit is from your account settings. Usually casinos have a "deposit limit" button where you can set your own limits. If the casino does not have one, you can contact the casino's customer service.

We recommend playing both. Usually casinos offer both bonus money and free spins. But read the terms and conditions carefully, as wagering requirements may vary depending on the bonus and free spins. Sometimes free spins are only available on certain games.

The wagering requirement depends on the casino. In general, the bonus and free spins must be wagered between 25 and 50 times the bonus amount. The amount of the wagering depends on the amount of the bonus. For example, 200% bonuses often have a higher wagering requirement.