Free play money for online casinos

How to get free play money for an online casino is a question that is often on players' minds. In the following article, we will go through the different options on how to get into the game without a deposit.
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Welcome Bonuses

One of the easiest options is to open an account at several online casinos. Almost every online casino offers free play money and free spins to new account openers. We have therefore compiled a comprehensive list of online casinos that offer welcome bonuses and free spins.

Free Spins

Free Spins are not exactly free play money, but they are worth the money and with a bit of luck you could be in with a big win. Nowadays, many casinos even offer free spins without wagering requirements, which increases the chances of winning even more. Free spins are often available simply by opening an account without making a deposit. However, it is worth reading the rules and conditions of the online casino and the welcome campaign to find out how you can claim your winnings if you have not made a single deposit.lapalingo

Goodwill bonuses

If you are an active and long-time player at one or even more casinos, very often casinos remember their loyal customers either automatically or you can kindly visit customer service to ask if there is a small bonus for you. Very often online casinos will give their loyal players a few free spins or even a few euros in free play money.

Invite a friend campaigns

Very many sites offer an invite a friend campaign. That is, if you invite a friend to play at a casino where you already play, very often both you and your friend will receive a small reward. The reward is often either free play money or free spins. However, you should read the rules and instructions of the promotion carefully and act accordingly in order to claim the benefit.

Playing with play money

If you've got a toothache, don't want to make a deposit and the casino doesn't offer free spins, you can always try out some new games by playing with play money. Every game can also be played with play money. It's a great way to get to know the games and find a new favourite. At the same time, you can try out how the game behaves when you play with, say, 100e and play long enough to see all the different features of the game and any bonus game.

However, remember to play responsibly and follow the rules of online casinos free play money when searching, playing and opening accounts.