Casino bonus wagering

Winning a casino bonus at an online casino takes time and a lot of patience. In the following article, you'll find some advice on how to get the most out of your casino bonus wagering. You could say it's not a quick trip but a marathon and a good bonus wagering can be ruined by a few small mistakes.

Let's use a bankroll of 200e as an example, which is already a reasonable amount to start with. You'll find lots of good ones on our website casino bonuses for different online casinos.


It is very important to keep the stake moderate in relation to the size of your bankroll. With a 200e bankroll, the maximum you can play with is 1e per spin. Even a bet of less than 1e is recommended to start with, so that the whole pot doesn't melt away if there are no winnings. At the bankroll, it is a good idea to divide your bets into 5-10 parts and decide before you open the game what the minimum amount you can bet on the game in question is. If you have 200e in your bankroll when you open the game, I would say that you should not go below 170e.

If you play with 200e in the till you can think of ten different possibilities if you play 20e on one game. By playing single provider games instead of multi-provider games the probability of winning is greatly increased.


  • With 0.60e at stake, you'll get around 33 winless spins per game and a minimum of 333 game spins.
  • With a bet of 1.00e, you are only guaranteed to win 100 spins.


Don't play the same game for too long if the game is eating into your bankroll and not paying out. When switching games, also make sure you play games from different providers such as NetEnt, Play N' go and Microgaming. Another good tip is to play the games that everyone else is playing for the sake of your return rates, so try the games in the "most popular games" section. It's also worth trying through all the new games as new games seem to drop winnings more easily than old ones.

The way to play

It's also worth trying out different styles of play and stakes when playing. For example, do not choose Starburst always bet on the coin value alone, but also vary the level and try a few more unusual bets when playing. Sometimes use auto-spin, but you can also play manually by spinning yourself.Kalevala Casino


Remember the following when playing and spinning bonuses at the online casino. We're not promising guaranteed winnings, but at least you'll have a better chance of meeting the wagering requirement for your bonus.

  • Play with restraint
  • Play systematically
  • Change the game and the provider
  • Try different stakes
  • Take breaks and play on different days and times

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