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New casinos have been prominent in 2023. They have entered the competition with a vengeance and have forced the old players to make changes, including to their promotions. This is only a positive for us players, as we are increasingly in a situation where we can compete with other operators. The casino industry has developed at a tremendous pace and not everyone can keep up with it. That's why services like our site are needed, because we are trying to bring out the quality new casinos.

In recent years in particular, we've come to enjoy more and more online casinos in South African, and it's all down to our people's passion for gaming. We are one of the biggest gambling spenders in the world and this is reflected in the campaigns that are being run against us. More and more free play money and free spins are being given away even without a deposit and the services are improving all the time. So we are in a lucky position and we are taking full advantage of it. Our site is the best filter when you're looking for a new casino, as we scrutinise every newcomer.

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Trustworthy New Online Casinos and How to Identify Them

So what are the reliable new casinos to identify? We have a clear marching order when we review casinos and always follow the same pattern. This makes it easy to find out how the casino has organised its basic services, how it handles money transfers and how good the welcome bonus it offers really is. The quality criteria for reviewing a new casino on CASINO are as follows:

  • South African language
  • Comprehensive range of payment options, as well as fast withdrawals
  • Decent welcome bonus and other bonuses
  • Extensive game selection and live casino
  • High quality mobile casino
  • Efficient customer service with extended opening hours
  • Secure gaming licence and casino security

That's enough to get you started, but the real gaming experience is only found by playing and using the services of an online casino. From account opening to account verification and from the gaming experience to withdrawal, it takes to give a final rating. It is determined by the whole, but the basics must always be in place.

If there are weak points in the casino's money transfer, or other services, even a great gaming experience can go down the drain. That's why our site plays such an important role, because we only want to offer quality and functional online casinos to our readers.New casinos


In our reviews, we always check to see if the casino is in South African and if customer service is available in South African. The South African language doesn't necessarily tell you directly whether it's a good new casino or not, but for South African players this can be an essential element.

Comprehensive range of payment options, as well as fast withdrawals.

Each casino offers a variety of payment options for its customers. While one casino may have a long list of payment methods from credit cards to e-wallets and cryptocurrency, another may only have Trustly or Brite. That's why in our reviews we tell you what payment methods players can expect. We'll also mention what the deposit and withdrawal limits are at the casino and how quickly you can expect to receive your winnings in your account.

New casinos usually offer the fastest possible deposits and withdrawals. Thanks to advances in technology, nowadays players no longer have to wait days for withdrawals.

A decent welcome bonus and other bonuses

Many players love bonuses, which is why casinos tend to offer various bonuses, especially on the first deposit. However, every casino has a different bonus offer, which is why we rate bonuses in our reviews. We mention whether casinos offer bonuses and what kind of benefits are available at the time of the review. However, please note that bonuses can update and change quickly, so you can find the latest bonuses by visiting the casino's own page.

Wide range of games and live casino

People go to casinos to play, so it's obviously important to have a wide variety of games to choose from. In our reviews, we'll tell you what kind of games are available. slots, table games, speciality games and live games available at the casino. We'll also mention at least a few of the game providers you can find at the casino.

It's worth paying attention to the game selection to make sure you find the games you want to play. The game selection can vary a lot from one casino to another and where one casino may only have slot games, another may have a wide range of games from slots to live games and betting.

Quality mobile casino operations

Nowadays, all new casinos in particular already operate on mobile without exception. In our reviews, we'll tell you how good a mobile gaming experience to expect and whether players should download a separate app or whether they can start playing in their device's browser.

Efficient customer service with extensive opening hours

While you always wish you didn't have to contact customer service, it's good to know that they're there to help when you need them. In our reviews, we'll tell you more about how to contact the casino and when customer service is open. Effective and efficient customer service can be the difference between a good casino and a bad one.

Secure gaming license and casino security

Every legally operating casino must have a gaming licence. In our reviews, we tell you which country's gaming license the casino has and whether players have to pay taxes on their winnings. We will also tell you if it is a secure casino and what other security measures the casino uses to ensure the safety of its players.

For South African players, a casino with a European gaming licence is the best option, as it guarantees tax-free winnings. European licences include those of Malta, the UK, Estonia and Sweden.New casinos & best casino bonuses

New Casinos & Best Casino Bonuses

The most amazing ones casino bonuses are always a pleasant surprise. Often, at first glance, you can't tell how good the welcome bonus really is. It requires a closer look and also an evaluation of the whole. Marketing is everything when new casinos enter the competition. They need to stand out from the crowd and with everyone advertising with really tough promotions, something new needs to be invented. Of course, the easiest way is to give out a big enough welcome bonus, but that's not always an end in itself.

Players appreciate a lot more in the bonus they receive and many online casinos have introduced bonuses with no wagering requirement, among other things. This trend has been in place for some time and has been well received. It is the best possible casino bonus for the player, as everything they receive can be kept and spent as they wish. The player can even withdraw their winnings immediately without any wagering. We are trying to find the needle in the haystack that will allow our readers to play with the biggest bonus possible.

Bonus money on your first deposit

The most typical casino bonus is bonus money, which is often given out, especially on your first deposit. Casinos offer a percentage of bonus money based on your deposit. This can be indicated, for example, as follows:

  • First deposit: 100% bonus up to €100

In this example, you would receive a 100% bonus on your deposit up to €100. In other words, if you deposit, for example, €20, you would receive a bonus of €20, and therefore your bankroll would be €40. To take advantage of the maximum bonus, you would deposit at least €100 and receive a bonus of €100, giving you a bankroll of €200.

The bonus money can usually be freely spent on any game with some exceptions. Bonus money usually comes with wagering requirements and fairly strict bonus terms and conditions, which must be met carefully before the money won from the bonus can be withdrawn into your account.


Especially new casinos and pay N play casinos have recently focused on offering players a no-win cashback option. Cashback can be available only on your first deposit, for example, but is usually an ongoing bonus that can be claimed on a daily or weekly basis, for example.

A typical cashback bonus is 10% of the previous day, week or month's net losses. So if you lost €100, for example, you would get €10 cash back in your account. Cashbacks have attracted particular attention because they do not need to be wagered and players do not have to worry about complicated wagering requirements or conditions. In addition, cashback is available on any game or, if the player wishes, can even be withdrawn back into their own account.

Free Play Money

Of course, one of the most attractive types of promotions is when you give away a decent amount of free play money. It's advertised everywhere, and naturally players will prick up their ears every time they hear the term. We're after free lunches, it's in the gambler's genes, and casinos have not ignored this fact. Their marketing is focused on getting the message across and trying to present the bonus in the most positive light possible. There are many different forms of free play money used by new casinos and we've listed the most common ones:

  • Free play money for account openers with no deposit required
  • Double or multiply your deposit with free play money on your first deposit, or on multiple deposits
  • Active player regularly receives extra play money in the loyalty program
  • Casino competitions with cash prizes
  • Weekly, or monthly extra bonuses

When it comes to finding the best casino bonus, this free play money is of course the best option. However, there are other alternatives that actually mean the same thing, the term is just different.

Free Spins

Here's an example of what we just talked about above. Many casinos give free spins and they are basically the same thing as play money. The player gets to spin a slot machine a certain amount for free, so this can be equated to the above. There are differences between these too and the player will most often come across a welcome bonus on these. Up to hundreds of free spins can be awarded for opening an account and almost without exception, they come with a deposit bonus. It's also a very convenient way for an online casino to promote itself, or even a new slot machine.

New casinos have also brought in one big change to these spins. The wagering requirement is a curse word for many and now there are more and more online casinos that offer free spins with no wagering. It's an absolutely fantastic change to bonuses and one that really makes a big difference to the player. We strive to find just those gems among the offers and naturally bring them to our readers on a regular online casinos

The best promotions from us

New casinos are the wild cards of the market and their staggering promotions can easily confuse new players. We're here to find the best options for our readers, so you can play without worry. We have harnessed our experience to your benefit and we always screen new slot machines and online casinos fairly and with strict quality criteria.

We have also received special offers for several casinos, where our readers receive significantly more play money and free spins than elsewhere. Make sure you bookmark our site, because every week you'll find some great new games and promotions here. They'll reinvigorate your gaming experience and a good online casino is always a pleasure to play at. Take your time to browse through the casinos on this list and choose one or more to test for yourself. Sooner or later, you'll find your own favourite online casino that you'll always come back to for quality time.

Frequently asked questions

A new casino is usually an online casino that opened its doors within a few months. Usually, new casinos have lots of good offers for new players. Free spins and bonuses are worth taking advantage of to increase your chances of winning.

It depends on the casino. Fortunately, all the new casinos we recommend here at are all good casinos. We also recommend older casinos, as they are good too. The best thing is to try the casino yourself and find out which is the best for you. Many casinos also offer free spins and other bonuses when you sign up.

Yes, all new casinos on our list offer bonuses or free spins to new players. Many offers are very generous and provide players with great benefits and increase their chances of winning.

All casinos listed on CASINO are trustworthy. We have tested the casino ourselves before listing it to make sure they are of a high standard. If you encounter any problems with any of the casinos we have recommended, please contact us at [email protected] and we will contact the casino for you.

All the most common methods such as Trustly, Zimpler, VISA, Mastercard, Rapid transfer, Skrill, Neteller and Much Better are available. For withdrawals you can use the same payment methods, as well as bank transfer, but remember to always check the payment methods with each casino.