What is the meaning of a slot scatter?

In the most modern versions of slot machines, there are many variable and moving parts that have a significant impact on the game play. Today's slot machines feature a wide variety of symbols that, unlike the basic symbols, have very specific properties and functions. The scatter is one of these more special symbols that can confuse new players. Read our article on this topic and learn how to identify scatters in games. Read more about the meaning of the scatter in slot games.

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What is the meaning of the scatter in slot machines?

Where do you come across scatters?

Scatters appear in slots with extra features. Extra features are more common in modern slots, meaning that the most traditional slot machines don't necessarily offer scatters.

Scatters are not necessarily part of every game, and it is possible that additional features do not include scatters with special features. However, in general, the scatter is a fairly common symbol in the slots world.

How do you recognise a scatter?

A scatter is often a very recognisable symbol in a slot game. Usually, the scatter's appearance is strongly associated with the theme of the game, making it very easy to identify. However, in some cases, the scatter may contain the text "scatter", which makes it easier to identify among the other symbols. Some gambling may have a scatter called a bonus symbol, in which case the symbol may read "bonus" even though it is a scatter.

The scatter can also be identified on the game's information page. The information page shows all the symbols in the game and their values. It also shows the special symbols in the game and the features they bring. You can access the information page at any time during the game, so you can view the symbols at any time.

What is the meaning of the scatter in slot games - What does the scatter do?

A scatter is a special symbol that often has special features. The most common of these is free spinswhich a player can get while playing. Free spins are a familiar phenomenon for many players, as they are often available in the form of casino bonuses.

In order to get free spins, the player often has to get a certain minimum number of scatters. Usually, a player needs to get at least three scatters in order for the free spins to be awarded.

In general, the free spin packs that scatters bring are directly related to the number of scatters. The more scatters a player lands on the board, the more free spins they will receive. However, this is not necessarily the case for every game, but should always be checked on a game-by-game basis.

In some cases, scatters that appear on the game board during free spins can also bring additional free spins.

What is the meaning of a scatter in slot games - There are other features too

Not all scatter features are free spins. In some games, it is possible that a scatter will unlock access to a wheel of fortune or even a pick-a-prize feature.

In a wheel of fortune, the player is randomly drawn from one of the prizes in the wheel of fortune columns. A pick-a-prize feature is a bonus game with random trays, and the player randomly unlocks one of them.

Random scatter

The scatter is a symbol that appears randomly on the game board, just like the other symbols and features. The only situation where a player can be sure of scatters appearing is in the case of buy-in bonuses.

Buy bonuses are a purchasable bonus feature, which are typically free spins. In this case, the player pays the required amount and the bonus game opens. The scatters required for the free spins will then drop onto the game board and the bonus game can begin.

What is the meaning of a scatter in slots - Each game is unique

Each game can have its own version of the scatter or variations of it. A scatter can bring very special features or it can bring nothing special at all. It is largely game-specific what value the scatter has in the game.

The scatter can sometimes work in conjunction with other special symbols or it can react differently in different games. It is important to read the game's information page for an introduction to the symbol and how it works if you are unfamiliar with it.

Also take note that not every game may even have a scatter available at all. However, most modern games do include special symbols, often the scatter or at least the wild symbol alone.

Try it for yourself by joining a secure casino

If the scatter is a more unfamiliar concept and you want to try it out, play the free versions of the games. All the best casinos allow you to access the games for free, so you can try out the game's features at your leisure without making a financial commitment to the game itself.

In the demo version, the game works just like the full version, including the special symbols. Play money can be treated just like real money, for example, you can buy in and try out purchase bonuses.

Demo versions allow you to discover new favourite games from the casino's game selection and start playing for real money if you wish. However, remember to always keep your gaming on the fun side and maintain responsible gaming. Never gamble beyond your means or borrow money to gamble, but play responsibly.

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What is the meaning of the scatter in slot machines?