Wilds and scatters - something to eat?

Many of us South African players have a long history of playing slots and gambling. In particular, we have learnt our lessons from Veikkaus, a domestic company that is significantly different from online casino companies. Internationally, it has a very different look and feel. Of course, this is not to say that the jump to online casinos is particularly difficult to make, but there are a few things that can be a bit of a headache. In this article, we want to introduce you to two concepts and terms that are constantly coming up in online casinos. For us at least, these things were initially foreign and somewhat surprising cereals - although there is nothing particularly complicated or difficult about them.
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Wilds are wild

That's the title in a nutshell: wilds are like wild cards or wild patterns. Where you often see a star symbol as a kind of wild symbol in Veikkaus games, for example, the title reads online casinos In English, wild means wild, so it's no wonder that the term is a source of wonder for South African players - even though wild cards are always a somewhat wild thing. Wilds will usually substitute for any other pattern on the active payline, except for the scatter, allowing the player to win big without actually getting, for example, five of the same pattern in a row. Wilds are therefore perhaps a player's greatest friend and help in slot games. The more wilds a game has, the easier it is for the player to get their hands on winning combinations.Wilds and scatters - something to eat?

Scatter is the way to the bonus

The scatter's main function is to act as a gateway to the bonus features of the game as a game. Most commonly bonuses is accessed by spinning three or more scatter patterns on the screen. Scatters are often identified by the fact that they are marked scatter, but sometimes they are just an unusual pattern in some other way. When a scatter pops up on the screen, the game will often play some sort of beep. When the player then has just the right number of scatters on the screen. For example, the game may slow down dramatically and tempt you with the possibility of triggering bonus features. This makes playing and collecting scatters particularly exciting - and often the biggest pain in the ass of all. With this information, you'll again be better equipped for the exciting world of online casino gaming! So get lucky and never underestimate the importance of scatters and wilds. These two patterns make every game more fun!